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 M&J's Quality Construction:


M&J’s Quality Construction is a family owned and operated business, that got its origin back in 1965.  At that time, Lester Wagler did all of his construction work using only hand tools.  It was the standard of the time, but Lester was a visionary.  He was successful at growing his business using the tools he was accustomed to, but he saw potential in utilizing the technology that was becoming available.  The standard wait time, of one year or more, for a new home construction could be reduced significantly, increasing both productivity and profits.   He purchased his first power tool, a skill saw & the expansion he envisioned began to take place. 

Family time was also important to Lester and raising his children to uphold his work ethic was a high priority.   Lester’s son Merle, was no exception.   He grew up working alongside Lester, learning the trade from a young age.  He was there as the company transformed and was able to see the growth as partnerships were formed and the business went in new directions.   In 1985, Lester went into a partnership with Marvin Wittmer to form Southern Indiana Concrete.   They specialized in Concrete poured walls, footers and floors. This is where Merle learned the trade of Concrete.  Marvin & Lester worked in this partnership for nearly a decade, after which, Marvin retained the business and renamed it Wittmer Concrete. 

In the early 90’s, Lester decided to change directions and expanded his business to do seasonal work in Sarasota, Florida.  Winters were spent in the south, where he focused primarily on the framing of new homes & and in the summers he would  return to Indiana and continue his concrete work with Marvin.   During this time, Merle worked with Lester, when he could, and continued to grow his construction skills working with local contractors while Lester was away.  This went on for several years until 1997 when Lester decided to stay in Florida full-time focusing his business on building residential properties.  He finished out his construction career in Florida and in 2009 he semi-retired and moved back to Indiana to be with his family.   Today Lester remains a very positive component in advising M&J’s Quality Construction. 

While Lester was still living in Florida full time, Merle was busy in Indiana working with is brother-in-law Justin Yoder.  The two joined a partnership in 2005, at that time, they primarily worked on re-roofing and remodeling jobs  Within a few years, they added seamless guttering to their business.  Justin worked with Merle until 2012 when he was able to fulfil his dream and return to the farm; at which time Merle and his wife Angela became sole owners of M&J’s Quality Construction.  A few years later, Merle acquired Wittmer Concrete and continues to work with Marvin to this day.

The company continues to grow and now offers new residential and commercial construction, remodeling, concrete: flat pouring, molding and stamping, and continuous roll formed seamless guttering.   Both residential and commercial customers are still offered the same high quality of work, at a reasonable and competitive price, that our company was founded on.  Today we employ 20 workers along with a team of dedicated subcontractors and suppliers.  We currently work in a 90 mile radius of Loogootee, Indiana. 


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We will exceed the expectations of our customers through honesty and quality of work. 

We will satisfy our customers need for timely and safe construction services. 

We will maintain a high level of work ethics, teamwork and professionalism.

We will demonstrate compassion toward our customers, employees, contractors and vendors.


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To remain a leading contractor in our service area.

To further growth and advancements by utilizing new products and services.

To offer top of the line customer service.


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To maintain the safety of our customers, employees, contractors and vendors. 

To ensure customer satisfaction on every job.

To always work with integrity and honesty in every business transaction.

To pursue excellence in everything we do.

To always improve our processes, products and skills.

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